Dianabol on the black market

Black Market Steroids and Dianabol

Dianabol is the brand name for methandrostenolone, and oral steroid derivative of the hormone testosterone, and exhibits anabolic and androgenic properties. This steroid has been off the shelves in the US for well over a decade, however its black market use has maintained its popularity and this drug can be purchased over the Internet through companies selling it as Anabol, Pronabol-5, or Naposim, depending on where the steroid originated from.

Purchasing these drugs over the Internet is not difficult, but there is also no guarantee of the quality of the drug you will receive until you use it. Even online reviews can be misleading because you have no idea if your drug came through that supply chain or medical lot. Most people who are looking to purchase this drug will check the label for common trademarks that contain chemical names that sound similar to methandrostenolone, such as methan-drostenolone (methandienone).

Currently, the largest distributors of steroids are out of Thailand (Anabol), India (Pronabol-5), Poland (Metanabol), Czech Republic (Stenoion) and Russia (Naposim). Prices for the drugs vary with Anabol runing from $500-$1000, Pronos at about $100 a pack, and Naposim at $.50 a pill.

The problem with purchasing any drugs on the black market always is the uncertainty of what you are getting, either the chemical compound or the dosage. Steroid use has to be carefully monitored due to the potential for side effects in large doses.

Although they can be used safely as arthritis patients the world over will attest, they are still hepatoxic and must be taken in dosages large enough to do the job but small enough to avoid serious side effects. For example, a female taking doses over 10 mg a day will experience increased side effects that can cause facial hair to develop, early menopause to set in, and even change the features of her face and body.

It is very important to know the seller that you are getting your steroids from, know their reputation, and see what their customers say about them. In the best “worst case scenario” you make a purchase and find out that its too old and nothing is happening, which is far better than buying something that has been mixed with other drugs and you end up damaging your liver.

Another safe and side effect free alternative is to use legal Dianabol.

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