Dianabol Product Evaluation, D-bol Reviews Are In

Whenever the word “steroid” is resurrected in the media there will always be controversy, even if most of it is baseless. Surprisingly, Dianabol or D-Bol has been in the industry news for long and recently for non-controversial, even positive response from the people who have used this new muscle mass builder. Increases in weight and muscle mass within the first few weeks of use, noticeable muscle definition—this is the feedback coming from those in the fitness and bodybuilding communities.

Given the difficulty in purchasing a steroid product, the wealth of reviews are rather promising at least as a “kickoff” drug to a bulking program.

D-bol’s ability to provide muscle mass and definition within 2-3 weeks is countered by its lack of availability online, signaling a mixed review from the bulking and bodybuilding communities. However, as more sources make the product availability its popularity will most-likely continue to grow.

Some User Reviews (collected from across various online forums and sites)

Dbol works! Had major swelling and definition within two weeks. The product is a bit too intense, so cut from recommended dose of 50 gm to 20-25mg max. You’ll get more cycling out of the product, especially if combined with testosterone. Recommended! Get Dbol now.


Just got through my first 6weeks at 50mgs a day. I am rock hard with lots of definition. On my buddy’s advice I didn’t increase food intake, but I did take in more water. I gained 13 lbs in 6 weeks all muscle. My girlfriend and her friends have all noticed. The water is supposed to help with the liver and cramping that might happen with the Dbol and since I was already taking in bulking calories I resisted the urge to eat more (it will make you super hungry within the first four days) and ended up with serious lean muscle mass. Take it with food and you won’t get nauseous.

I started my cycling program with 2 25 mgs a day with meals and lots of water. Within a week I was beginning to notice a lot of changes. I couldn’t stop eating and my energy levels were through the roof. Sometimes I got a little dizzy so I downed another bottle of water, but kept to the program without reducing. By the second week I was on fire! Totally recommend Dbol.


This is a mixed review. I just finished my 6 week cycle of Dbol (oral) that I did with a friend so we could compare notes. I am not the type to try just anything. I always do my research first and then I do some more research. I have taken enhancers before so I knew going in that without a lot of water and proper food intake that I could have some issues.

I took in 5-6 litres of water each day and cleaned out the fridge daily to the point where my girlfriend told me she wasn’t buying anything anymore since all her food went down my throat. That’s how much you eat. I did the recommended dosage, and didn’t push it. I knew that I would feel grumpy and bad the first week. That’s part of any new program so I didn’t think anything of it. By week two I found myself coming off the walls with energy, couldn’t stop eating. Same with my buddy. After 2 weeks you can see the difference. You will be swollen. You will also make the head your friend as you find yourself peeing nearly nonstop.

Midway through the cycle I started to see some swelling in my face, but not enough to worry me since I knew it was possible. Kept up with the water, diet, and lifting. The moon face continued on into the next week, but my program was going well with the lifting and could really see increase in strength at this point. BUT I was grouchy and my girlfriend noticed it. My buddy didn’t have the grouchiness but he did exhibit a lot of exhaustion.

I finished the program having gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, I’m very defined, but I’m also very tired.

As my final review I would recommend this only to people who are serious and know what they are doing. DBOL can put on the mass and define you but if you are not serious about water intake and go overboard you can end up not so happy with your cycle. Stay drinking, stay focused and its a good product. Don’t expect to be The Rock within 6 weeks because that’s not going to happen but at the same time you will get bigger and more cut if you use the product seriously.


I stacked Dianbol with testosterone for a short cycle and gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, over 6 weeks at a 50/50 dosage, with 5 litres of water intake and as many calories as my hunger allowed. I intended this to be a jump start to a bulking program and am not dissatisfied. It was difficult to find the product online which is why I hadn’t tried it earlier. You will have periods of high activity and exhaustion but you will continue to lift more each week. Push through the periods of irritability and you’ll get where you want to go with it.

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