Dianabol Stacks

Dianabol Stacks

The oral steroid Dianabol has been used by athletes for sixty years with great success and a little political controversy. As a bulking initiator, its results are hard to deny. When Dianabol is part of a muscle building program, it can rapidly kickstart any bulking program, especially when used during the first six weeks of a bulking cycle because. Its capability for initiating rapid gains in size, mass, and strength is what makes it still so favored among bodybuilders and bulkers.

There are some disagreements about the duration of use when it comes to Dianabol, with many bulkers using it almost restrictively in the initial bulking cycle to avoid diminishing returns of effectiveness. Those who wish to launch an effective bulking program will combine use of Dianabol with other, injectable steroids during this inception period, and it is often stacked with testosterone, deca durabolin, or trenbolone. When used in this combination with injectables during an initial bulking period, doses of 30 mgs per day moving towards 50 mgs daily are generally what is recommended.

Dianabol can also be used as a stand alone, rather than a kick starter for bulkers. It was used by Soviet athletes in the 1950’s to bulk and weight train with great results and not many side effects.

When used in a stand alone bulking and building period (usually within a shorter 8 week period), it can be combined with aromasin, Cardarine (GW-501516), and winstrol to produce measurable gains. When used in an oral dose cycle, bulkers can work up to 75 mgs per day but going over may have some unwelcome side effects.

Injectable Steroids and Dianabol

Drug synergy is an important factor to consider when creating a bulking program. This isn’t uncommon to use drug combinations in lieu of a single modifier. Physicians routinely prescribe multiple steroids when someone has arthritis or other inflammation.

When using Dianabol stacked with an anabolic steroid like trenbolone the effectiveness is enhanced greatly, moreso than if someone simply doubled their use of the injectable. Using trenbolone and Dianabol as our example from earlier stacking with a split of 50 mg/day each of Dianabol and trenbolone acetate provides far greater results during the bulking cycle than using 100 mg of either.

Stacking Dianabol and Anadrol

On the subject of drug synergy, certain steroids do not provide enhanced effectiveness when used in a combination. Very few people will bother with combining these two together. Dianabol with Anadrol, if used in combination, it is most-likely because they are the two that people have on hand, not because it was a thought-ought cycling program. If that is the case, it is probably best to split the dose that would normally be taken into halves of the Dianabol/Anadrol combo, ex. 50/75 mg . Here is a stack you can buy on Buy-hgh-products.com.

As Part of a Testosterone Stack

Testosterone has increased in popularity with bulkers, MMA and rigorous cross fitness types the last few years most-likely because it is more accessible while also providing effectiveness enhancements to a muscle building program.

While most injectables are great stacking combos Dianabol, testosterone no exception, at higher doses of testosterone the use of Dianabol becomes pointless.

Once a bulker hits 2000 mg/week, in some cases the effects will be rendered obsolete and a bulking plateau will occur and with others the improvement will be greatly diminished. When using Dianabol with testosterone, most bulkers stay around the 500 mg a week mark for the greatest levels of effectiveness. You can find Dianabol stacks with Testosterone and HGH at Buy-hgh-products.com. Dianabol can also be stacked with HyperGH 14x.

Stacking Dianabol with Oral Steroids

There are people who prefer oral steroids like oxandrolone (Anavar) or Anadrol to injectables, whether it is the psychological aspects of a needle or something they’ve read in a magazine. Some oral steroids can combine well with Dianabol, and bulkers will find that their routines have far greater results using oral combos.

Unfortunately, while it is true that Dbol stacks well with a steroid like Anavar, many bulkers have reported high liver enzyme counts after use. Dianabol has been used safely in bulking programs, it is still hepatoxic so keeping the use of oral steroids below or at 100 mgs a day is probably the best bet to avoid side effects.

Dianabol Only Cycles

Referencing back to the beginning of this article, it is true that some bulkers will use Dianabol in a standalone program. The fact that many in the bodybuilding community eschew this doesn’t make it an unacceptable choice. Consider that this was the only steroid that many had available for years and their programs were built effectively on this alone.

As a performance-enhancing drug it is one of the best and it can certainly be used by itself, especially if the bulker is someone who may be new to the use of enhancing drugs in their bulking program. Dianabol is an effective steroid in bulking programs, either with oral or injectables. As always with any drug or supplement use, consult a doctor before use.

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