Dianabol vs. HGH

Dianabol and HGH have few things in common. The benefits of both for bodybuilders include muscle size increase, enhanced nitrogen retention and amino acids transport, new muscle synthesis, muscle hyperplasia (enhancement of quantity of freshly made new muscle cells).

However, Dianabol produces some quick gains while results with HGH may take some time like 4 months or so. However, HGH has other benefits for bodybuilders as well like it’s great for cutting and getting ripped.

The fat loss benefits of HGH have immense benefits in bodybuilding. And it is very potent in creating an overall anabolic environment in the body.

Bodybuilders looking to stack Dianabol and HGH together should also consider other compounds like DHEA and Testosterone, to get the bigger better bulk along with the cuts. Without Testosterone, a Dianabol-HGH stack would not be of much use. Read more.

A useful supplement to take with Dianabol would be HyperGH 14x (an HGH and Testosterone boosting supplement that has DHEA). You can read its review here.

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