Methods of Cycling Dianabol

The following are methods of using Dianabol in a bulking cycle and not at all a suggestion or recommendation. Each person needs to make their own decisions regarding what they put in their body, which routines they use, and how aggressively they want to work out. Ultimately, every human being is different and reacts differently to drugs and regimens.

Advanced Dianabol Cycle – 16 Weeks

This is an advanced bulking cycle that takes place over a 16 week period. Recommended dosages should not go over 100 mgs a day. Studies have shown that tolerance develops over time with this steroid which is why it is better to keep dosage at the 50 mgs a day and combine this with human GH (Growth Hormone) for maximum effectiveness during this Dianabol cycle, as well as, for up to six months post cycle conclusion.

Growth Hormones have been used by humans with no negligible side effects and the use of GH can certainly extend the efficacy of the Dbol. Other drugs which can be used in conjunction with Dbol during this period are progesterone and anti-estrogen (aromatase inhibitors) should side effects like gynecomastia like be induced.

Dianabol and Deca Durabolin – 8 Week Cycle

The mix of this oral dose and injectable Deca Durbolin has had increased results over the use of Dianabol alone and bodybuilders have reported a gain of 10-20 lbs of muscle over an eight week period when used together. While typically this is used by men, however, if women use lower doses (less than 10 mgs) it can be done safely and without side effects.

During this period diet and exercise are highly important in order to gain muscle mass over weight. This period should be marked with a high intensity workout with low reps. Recommended schedule is 90 minutes each day with one day off per week.

Adanced Dianabol Cycle – 8 Week High Intensity

This cycle will have high weight gains, added energy and if used correctly will have high returns on a bulking program. Dosage should be calculated as follows: 50 mgs week one, with a 10% per 10 kg-20 lbs of bodyweight. During this period your intake of proteins should increased by 10% and your workout/fitness routine should be inclusive of high weight and intensity but low reps, 6 days a week, 90 minutes a day (post cycle will be 3 on-2 off for 60 minutes to maintain). No less than 5 litres of water should be taken in each day.

Additional supplements should include Milk Thistle, Evening Primrose Oils, and Cod Liver Oil for your liver and adrenals. During the course of the cycle you are advised to use Cod Liver Oil and Primrose oil to support your liver and kidney.

This high dose cycle will show steady increases in size and bulk as the drugs have a huge -initial- impact on the receptor sites. As tolerance increases and saturation of receptor sites occur there will be shift from androgenic output to anabolic ones. Those that stay with it will see definite muscle definition by the end of the cycle.

This is not a cycle for women given the high dosages of the drug. Side effects will occur.

For more information on Dianabol based bulking stacks, click here.

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