What Are the Effects of Dianabol on Women?

Dianabol is very similar in its actions to testosterone and it’s stronger than testosterone. This is a major reason why the drug has been effective and used by male athletes for the last 60 years. Testosterone is also a performance enhancing hormone. Certainly Dianabol will enable women to increase their workouts, increase muscle mass, and increase their performance. It’s what the drug was designed to do.

However, increasing testosterone like effects in women can have some very negative side effects. Dbol also changes the levels of estrogen and as a hepatoxic drug this can also have an effect on the liver that is of more detriment to female athletes than their counterparts.

Using Dianabol Safely

As stated previously, Dianabol lowers estrogen and increases testosterone like actions in anyone—male or female. Increased levels of testosterone caused by Dbol with prolonged use will cause women’s body to lose breast tissue, have irregular menstrual cycles, grow body hair, have more masculine features, and even lower their voice with prolonged use.

Because the drug is also hepatoxic it can also cause liver damage, high cholesterol, and hair loss. Short term use can include acne, insomnia, high blood pressure, bloating, and water retention. Listing these prominent side effects is important because it enables women to make more informed choices in their regimen. Women who use this drug should do so under a doctor’s informed care so that their health, especially their liver health, is monitored.

However, in a very short cycle with lower doses, women can avoid the side effects and gain muscle mass.

Low dosages of 5-10mg a day over 4-6 weeks can provide significant growth in size and strength for most women, and it also reduces the risk of osteoporosis for women. Since Dbol also increases the build up of lactic acid, it can help women to rid their bodies of too many carbs.

Dianabol can be an effective way for athletes of any sex to gain muscle mass and strength. Depending on the dose, it can be used by women safely and with fewer side effects. Using extremely low doses of the drug in conjunction with an effective workout plan, diet, water intake, and under the care of a physician women can use this to improve their body and muscles without exhibiting the symptoms and side effects of larger doses.

Women may also be interested in trying legal steroids that are side effects free version of conventional steroids.

2 thoughts on “What Are the Effects of Dianabol on Women?

  1. It made my clit grow like a small penis and I am now always horny 24/7. Other than clit growth I didn’t have much sides but stay on the low dosage or you can get sides you wont like. It permanently increase my sex drive though the roof!!!!


  2. I’m a woman and I want to gain weight fast so I want to take dianabol at 5mg a day. Will I gain my weight fast and I’m scared of the side affects so if I stay atv5 mg I should be ok?? And I got a nice bowflex I can work out on everyhday. Please give me a answer fast. I would work hard on my bow flex and I want to take dianabol cause it should help me gain my weight but my question is, will I be ok with taking that steroid.


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