Dianabol Stacks

Dianabol Stacks

The oral steroid Dianabol has been used by athletes for sixty years with great success and a little political controversy. As a bulking initiator, its results are hard to deny. When Dianabol is part of a muscle building program, it can rapidly kickstart any bulking program, especially when used during the first six weeks of a bulking cycle because. Its capability for initiating rapid gains in size, mass, and strength is what makes it still so favored among bodybuilders and bulkers.

There are some disagreements about the duration of use when it comes to Dianabol, with many bulkers using it almost restrictively in the initial bulking cycle to avoid diminishing returns of effectiveness. Those who wish to launch an effective bulking program will combine use of Dianabol with other, injectable steroids during this inception period, and it is often stacked with testosterone, deca durabolin, or trenbolone. When used in this combination with injectables during an initial bulking period, doses of 30 mgs per day moving towards 50 mgs daily are generally what is recommended.

Dianabol can also be used as a stand alone, rather than a kick starter for bulkers. It was used by Soviet athletes in the 1950’s to bulk and weight train with great results and not many side effects.

When used in a stand alone bulking and building period (usually within a shorter 8 week period), it can be combined with aromasin, Cardarine (GW-501516), and winstrol to produce measurable gains. When used in an oral dose cycle, bulkers can work up to 75 mgs per day but going over may have some unwelcome side effects.

Injectable Steroids and Dianabol

Drug synergy is an important factor to consider when creating a bulking program. This isn’t uncommon to use drug combinations in lieu of a single modifier. Physicians routinely prescribe multiple steroids when someone has arthritis or other inflammation.

When using Dianabol stacked with an anabolic steroid like trenbolone the effectiveness is enhanced greatly, moreso than if someone simply doubled their use of the injectable. Using trenbolone and Dianabol as our example from earlier stacking with a split of 50 mg/day each of Dianabol and trenbolone acetate provides far greater results during the bulking cycle than using 100 mg of either.

Stacking Dianabol and Anadrol

On the subject of drug synergy, certain steroids do not provide enhanced effectiveness when used in a combination. Very few people will bother with combining these two together. Dianabol with Anadrol, if used in combination, it is most-likely because they are the two that people have on hand, not because it was a thought-ought cycling program. If that is the case, it is probably best to split the dose that would normally be taken into halves of the Dianabol/Anadrol combo, ex. 50/75 mg . Here is a stack you can buy on Buy-hgh-products.com.

As Part of a Testosterone Stack

Testosterone has increased in popularity with bulkers, MMA and rigorous cross fitness types the last few years most-likely because it is more accessible while also providing effectiveness enhancements to a muscle building program.

While most injectables are great stacking combos Dianabol, testosterone no exception, at higher doses of testosterone the use of Dianabol becomes pointless.

Once a bulker hits 2000 mg/week, in some cases the effects will be rendered obsolete and a bulking plateau will occur and with others the improvement will be greatly diminished. When using Dianabol with testosterone, most bulkers stay around the 500 mg a week mark for the greatest levels of effectiveness. You can find Dianabol stacks with Testosterone and HGH at Buy-hgh-products.com. Dianabol can also be stacked with HyperGH 14x.

Stacking Dianabol with Oral Steroids

There are people who prefer oral steroids like oxandrolone (Anavar) or Anadrol to injectables, whether it is the psychological aspects of a needle or something they’ve read in a magazine. Some oral steroids can combine well with Dianabol, and bulkers will find that their routines have far greater results using oral combos.

Unfortunately, while it is true that Dbol stacks well with a steroid like Anavar, many bulkers have reported high liver enzyme counts after use. Dianabol has been used safely in bulking programs, it is still hepatoxic so keeping the use of oral steroids below or at 100 mgs a day is probably the best bet to avoid side effects.

Dianabol Only Cycles

Referencing back to the beginning of this article, it is true that some bulkers will use Dianabol in a standalone program. The fact that many in the bodybuilding community eschew this doesn’t make it an unacceptable choice. Consider that this was the only steroid that many had available for years and their programs were built effectively on this alone.

As a performance-enhancing drug it is one of the best and it can certainly be used by itself, especially if the bulker is someone who may be new to the use of enhancing drugs in their bulking program. Dianabol is an effective steroid in bulking programs, either with oral or injectables. As always with any drug or supplement use, consult a doctor before use.

Dianabol vs. HGH

Dianabol and HGH have few things in common. The benefits of both for bodybuilders include muscle size increase, enhanced nitrogen retention and amino acids transport, new muscle synthesis, muscle hyperplasia (enhancement of quantity of freshly made new muscle cells).

However, Dianabol produces some quick gains while results with HGH may take some time like 4 months or so. However, HGH has other benefits for bodybuilders as well like it’s great for cutting and getting ripped.

The fat loss benefits of HGH have immense benefits in bodybuilding. And it is very potent in creating an overall anabolic environment in the body.

Bodybuilders looking to stack Dianabol and HGH together should also consider other compounds like DHEA and Testosterone, to get the bigger better bulk along with the cuts. Without Testosterone, a Dianabol-HGH stack would not be of much use. Read more.

A useful supplement to take with Dianabol would be HyperGH 14x (an HGH and Testosterone boosting supplement that has DHEA). You can read its review here.

Dianabol Pills or Injections, Is There a Difference?

Dianabol, or “Dbol”, has become one of the more popular performance enhancing drugs used by those who are bodybuilding or in strenuous training. It is usually taken in pill form or as legal alternative, because that is the most commonly available method of receiving it through online means.

There is the perception, however, that something that is injected is “better” than something taken orally. Certainly there can be a difference, albeit slight, but those differences are really a matter of either dosage or perception.

The results of injecting Dianabol will not be altogether different than that of oral doses mainly because they are the same drugs, just different delivery.

When Dbol ( methandrostenolone) is in its injectable form it is suspended in water, unlike other injectables which are suspended in oil which is slightly safer for many people. Consider when you receive an antibiotic in shot form versus taken orally, the difference is only in the speed with which your body metabolizes the substance.

Obviously injectable will be quicker, but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better. Dianabol in either form is C17aa alkylated, meaning that it passes through the liver without being destroyed by enzymes. Injectables enter the system much quicker and many people have experienced nausea and dizziness associated with its use. Both oral and injectable are hepotoxic, but only injectables have had multiple reports of adverse effects on the kidneys.

If there are noticeable differences in performance it can actually be in the dosage and -if- the drug has been cut with anything. Sometimes when using an injectable form of Dbol customers will end up with an under-dose due to the solution.

It really is more an issue of preference and routine. When adopting an oral cycle, athletes know to take with food and water, and the body slowly absorbs the drug. Users are going to -generally speaking–experience the same workout results, similar side effects, regardless.

There will always be people that claim injections work better but some of that is psychological. All drugs are dose dependent, whether it is aspirin or Dbol. If someone chooses to use oral doses of Dianabol, then they should also be sure to schedule them in such a way that gives the body time to metabolize and adjust to the dosage.

Dianabol and Aromatase Inhibitors

There are usually a lot of questions regarding the stacking of Dianabol with other steroids, use of aromatase inhibitors, etc. when cycling. This article specifically is intended to discuss the use of Dianabol and estrogen blockers. Naturally, there are always going to be concerns about side effects and hepatoxic reactions when using any drug from Tylenol to letrozole, but it is possible to use an aromatase inhibitor like letrozole or anastrozole (Arimidex) to correct estrogen conversion issues without seeing side effects to the liver.

However, an aromatase inhibitor can be used safely when its use is limited to 8 weeks or less with an off period of four weeks. Rule of thumb: the off period should be at least one-half that of the period of use. So if you use Dianabol for a 6 week period, there should be 3 weeks or more where nothing is used.

Note: anabolic steroid cycles should always be a part of a larger program that has post cycle therapy (PCT) that employs treatments of toremifene, Nolvadex, or Clomid in order to give the body a rest and make the cycle more effective.

Concerning the Use of Estrogen Blockers

Although most people are able to use an estrogen blocker safely and without side effects, some are not. Warning signs of an adverse reaction to an estrogen blocker include: nausea, weight gain, dizziness, night sweats, and hot flashes. If this should occur, contact the prescribing physician.

Everyone’s body is different and this should always be taken into consideration in any program that is begun, whether it is for bulking as we often discuss or even weight loss. The fact is some people do have serious side effects when using these drugs, and those side effects can include dangerous physical developments such as blood clots or tumors of the reproductive organs.

In most cases, however, the side effects are either mild or non-existent, decreasing over times to negligible levels as the body adapts to the medication. Some of the milder symptoms can be overcome simply by eating food or drinking milk with these medications.

Methods of Cycling Dianabol

The following are methods of using Dianabol in a bulking cycle and not at all a suggestion or recommendation. Each person needs to make their own decisions regarding what they put in their body, which routines they use, and how aggressively they want to work out. Ultimately, every human being is different and reacts differently to drugs and regimens.

Advanced Dianabol Cycle – 16 Weeks

This is an advanced bulking cycle that takes place over a 16 week period. Recommended dosages should not go over 100 mgs a day. Studies have shown that tolerance develops over time with this steroid which is why it is better to keep dosage at the 50 mgs a day and combine this with human GH (Growth Hormone) for maximum effectiveness during this Dianabol cycle, as well as, for up to six months post cycle conclusion.

Growth Hormones have been used by humans with no negligible side effects and the use of GH can certainly extend the efficacy of the Dbol. Other drugs which can be used in conjunction with Dbol during this period are progesterone and anti-estrogen (aromatase inhibitors) should side effects like gynecomastia like be induced.

Dianabol and Deca Durabolin – 8 Week Cycle

The mix of this oral dose and injectable Deca Durbolin has had increased results over the use of Dianabol alone and bodybuilders have reported a gain of 10-20 lbs of muscle over an eight week period when used together. While typically this is used by men, however, if women use lower doses (less than 10 mgs) it can be done safely and without side effects.

During this period diet and exercise are highly important in order to gain muscle mass over weight. This period should be marked with a high intensity workout with low reps. Recommended schedule is 90 minutes each day with one day off per week.

Adanced Dianabol Cycle – 8 Week High Intensity

This cycle will have high weight gains, added energy and if used correctly will have high returns on a bulking program. Dosage should be calculated as follows: 50 mgs week one, with a 10% per 10 kg-20 lbs of bodyweight. During this period your intake of proteins should increased by 10% and your workout/fitness routine should be inclusive of high weight and intensity but low reps, 6 days a week, 90 minutes a day (post cycle will be 3 on-2 off for 60 minutes to maintain). No less than 5 litres of water should be taken in each day.

Additional supplements should include Milk Thistle, Evening Primrose Oils, and Cod Liver Oil for your liver and adrenals. During the course of the cycle you are advised to use Cod Liver Oil and Primrose oil to support your liver and kidney.

This high dose cycle will show steady increases in size and bulk as the drugs have a huge -initial- impact on the receptor sites. As tolerance increases and saturation of receptor sites occur there will be shift from androgenic output to anabolic ones. Those that stay with it will see definite muscle definition by the end of the cycle.

This is not a cycle for women given the high dosages of the drug. Side effects will occur.

For more information on Dianabol based bulking stacks, click here.

What Are the Effects of Dianabol on Women?

Dianabol is very similar in its actions to testosterone and it’s stronger than testosterone. This is a major reason why the drug has been effective and used by male athletes for the last 60 years. Testosterone is also a performance enhancing hormone. Certainly Dianabol will enable women to increase their workouts, increase muscle mass, and increase their performance. It’s what the drug was designed to do.

However, increasing testosterone like effects in women can have some very negative side effects. Dbol also changes the levels of estrogen and as a hepatoxic drug this can also have an effect on the liver that is of more detriment to female athletes than their counterparts.

Using Dianabol Safely

As stated previously, Dianabol lowers estrogen and increases testosterone like actions in anyone—male or female. Increased levels of testosterone caused by Dbol with prolonged use will cause women’s body to lose breast tissue, have irregular menstrual cycles, grow body hair, have more masculine features, and even lower their voice with prolonged use.

Because the drug is also hepatoxic it can also cause liver damage, high cholesterol, and hair loss. Short term use can include acne, insomnia, high blood pressure, bloating, and water retention. Listing these prominent side effects is important because it enables women to make more informed choices in their regimen. Women who use this drug should do so under a doctor’s informed care so that their health, especially their liver health, is monitored.

However, in a very short cycle with lower doses, women can avoid the side effects and gain muscle mass.

Low dosages of 5-10mg a day over 4-6 weeks can provide significant growth in size and strength for most women, and it also reduces the risk of osteoporosis for women. Since Dbol also increases the build up of lactic acid, it can help women to rid their bodies of too many carbs.

Dianabol can be an effective way for athletes of any sex to gain muscle mass and strength. Depending on the dose, it can be used by women safely and with fewer side effects. Using extremely low doses of the drug in conjunction with an effective workout plan, diet, water intake, and under the care of a physician women can use this to improve their body and muscles without exhibiting the symptoms and side effects of larger doses.

Women may also be interested in trying legal steroids that are side effects free version of conventional steroids.

Dianabol on the black market

Black Market Steroids and Dianabol

Dianabol is the brand name for methandrostenolone, and oral steroid derivative of the hormone testosterone, and exhibits anabolic and androgenic properties. This steroid has been off the shelves in the US for well over a decade, however its black market use has maintained its popularity and this drug can be purchased over the Internet through companies selling it as Anabol, Pronabol-5, or Naposim, depending on where the steroid originated from.

Purchasing these drugs over the Internet is not difficult, but there is also no guarantee of the quality of the drug you will receive until you use it. Even online reviews can be misleading because you have no idea if your drug came through that supply chain or medical lot. Most people who are looking to purchase this drug will check the label for common trademarks that contain chemical names that sound similar to methandrostenolone, such as methan-drostenolone (methandienone).

Currently, the largest distributors of steroids are out of Thailand (Anabol), India (Pronabol-5), Poland (Metanabol), Czech Republic (Stenoion) and Russia (Naposim). Prices for the drugs vary with Anabol runing from $500-$1000, Pronos at about $100 a pack, and Naposim at $.50 a pill.

The problem with purchasing any drugs on the black market always is the uncertainty of what you are getting, either the chemical compound or the dosage. Steroid use has to be carefully monitored due to the potential for side effects in large doses.

Although they can be used safely as arthritis patients the world over will attest, they are still hepatoxic and must be taken in dosages large enough to do the job but small enough to avoid serious side effects. For example, a female taking doses over 10 mg a day will experience increased side effects that can cause facial hair to develop, early menopause to set in, and even change the features of her face and body.

It is very important to know the seller that you are getting your steroids from, know their reputation, and see what their customers say about them. In the best “worst case scenario” you make a purchase and find out that its too old and nothing is happening, which is far better than buying something that has been mixed with other drugs and you end up damaging your liver.

Another safe and side effect free alternative is to use legal Dianabol.

Dianabol Product Evaluation, D-bol Reviews Are In

Whenever the word “steroid” is resurrected in the media there will always be controversy, even if most of it is baseless. Surprisingly, Dianabol or D-Bol has been in the industry news for long and recently for non-controversial, even positive response from the people who have used this new muscle mass builder. Increases in weight and muscle mass within the first few weeks of use, noticeable muscle definition—this is the feedback coming from those in the fitness and bodybuilding communities.

Given the difficulty in purchasing a steroid product, the wealth of reviews are rather promising at least as a “kickoff” drug to a bulking program.

D-bol’s ability to provide muscle mass and definition within 2-3 weeks is countered by its lack of availability online, signaling a mixed review from the bulking and bodybuilding communities. However, as more sources make the product availability its popularity will most-likely continue to grow.

Some User Reviews (collected from across various online forums and sites)

Dbol works! Had major swelling and definition within two weeks. The product is a bit too intense, so cut from recommended dose of 50 gm to 20-25mg max. You’ll get more cycling out of the product, especially if combined with testosterone. Recommended! Get Dbol now.


Just got through my first 6weeks at 50mgs a day. I am rock hard with lots of definition. On my buddy’s advice I didn’t increase food intake, but I did take in more water. I gained 13 lbs in 6 weeks all muscle. My girlfriend and her friends have all noticed. The water is supposed to help with the liver and cramping that might happen with the Dbol and since I was already taking in bulking calories I resisted the urge to eat more (it will make you super hungry within the first four days) and ended up with serious lean muscle mass. Take it with food and you won’t get nauseous.

I started my cycling program with 2 25 mgs a day with meals and lots of water. Within a week I was beginning to notice a lot of changes. I couldn’t stop eating and my energy levels were through the roof. Sometimes I got a little dizzy so I downed another bottle of water, but kept to the program without reducing. By the second week I was on fire! Totally recommend Dbol.


This is a mixed review. I just finished my 6 week cycle of Dbol (oral) that I did with a friend so we could compare notes. I am not the type to try just anything. I always do my research first and then I do some more research. I have taken enhancers before so I knew going in that without a lot of water and proper food intake that I could have some issues.

I took in 5-6 litres of water each day and cleaned out the fridge daily to the point where my girlfriend told me she wasn’t buying anything anymore since all her food went down my throat. That’s how much you eat. I did the recommended dosage, and didn’t push it. I knew that I would feel grumpy and bad the first week. That’s part of any new program so I didn’t think anything of it. By week two I found myself coming off the walls with energy, couldn’t stop eating. Same with my buddy. After 2 weeks you can see the difference. You will be swollen. You will also make the head your friend as you find yourself peeing nearly nonstop.

Midway through the cycle I started to see some swelling in my face, but not enough to worry me since I knew it was possible. Kept up with the water, diet, and lifting. The moon face continued on into the next week, but my program was going well with the lifting and could really see increase in strength at this point. BUT I was grouchy and my girlfriend noticed it. My buddy didn’t have the grouchiness but he did exhibit a lot of exhaustion.

I finished the program having gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, I’m very defined, but I’m also very tired.

As my final review I would recommend this only to people who are serious and know what they are doing. DBOL can put on the mass and define you but if you are not serious about water intake and go overboard you can end up not so happy with your cycle. Stay drinking, stay focused and its a good product. Don’t expect to be The Rock within 6 weeks because that’s not going to happen but at the same time you will get bigger and more cut if you use the product seriously.


I stacked Dianbol with testosterone for a short cycle and gained 15 lbs of muscle mass, over 6 weeks at a 50/50 dosage, with 5 litres of water intake and as many calories as my hunger allowed. I intended this to be a jump start to a bulking program and am not dissatisfied. It was difficult to find the product online which is why I hadn’t tried it earlier. You will have periods of high activity and exhaustion but you will continue to lift more each week. Push through the periods of irritability and you’ll get where you want to go with it.